Autism Behavior Toolbox is a specialist edition providing professionals with strategies when working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. One of its basic assumptions is that teachers, psychologists and behavior analysts using the software will be doing so in the context of a team environment which may include teacher aides and their assistants, other behavioral specialists, social workers, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists. The family is considered to be an important resource for the team whose role is extremely important and necessary for professional intervention to be the most effective.

The focus is on promoting positive behavior. This includes eliminating or reducing behavior that is of harm to the child and to others, teaching more appropriate ways of having their needs met, and building on present strengths. Due to the complexity of autism spectrum disorder including difficulties in communication, social skills deficits, and delays in self-help skills, they must all be considered in developing an effective behavioral plan.

The field of autism treatment and research is expanding exponentially and Autism Behavior Toolbox will continue to grow and summarize interventions and make them readily accessible to educators and clinicians.

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Communication and problems understanding language

4 Topics

Communication and problems with language expression

3 Topics

Classroom modifications

4 Topics

Developing Social Skills

4 Topics

Sensory issues and behavior

4 Topics

Specific behavioral and emotional challenges

7 Topics

Enhancing success at school

4 Topics

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